Wednesday, March 19, 2008

just a note to readers

Hi, everyone. I feel remiss because I haven't been posting as often as you expect me to, so I want to offer an explanation: I got married in December (see my other blog for details about that ordeal) and finally made it back to British Columbia at the end of January. I promptly tried to unpack, but the cottage is just too small to have places to put everything, so we've found a new place to move to and we're
trying to pack up everything I just unpacked plus the stuff from Roger's year of bachelor pad living and everything from us moving in before that. It's crazy what this place looks like. Maybe I'll post a video to my other blog so you can see how much it's not a reading-friendly environment. I can't sit down for more than 20 minutes with a book, and it has to be a damn good book to hold my attention that long.

But with the new place we're getting more space and I expect a much better attention span. I'm almost finished with Fire in the Blood by Irene Némirovsky, a book that's gotten a lot of press lately. Look for that posting as early as later today!

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