Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Complexity of Night Writing Challenge Update (March)


It's been a weird month. I got my required word count in early this month, when I tried to turn a dream I had into a story. It's too steamy for me to actually share any of it with you; sorry to disappoint.

Then I did a lot of writing by hand in my beloved Moleskine at the local writers festival last weekend--probably about 500 words, which is a lot, considering that the festival doesn't really allow time to write, which meant I was writing while our presenters were talking. Normally, I walk away from writers festival day feeling motivated to write; this year, I felt oddly disconnected. Maybe a lot of it was because I'd done so little for it this year (I'm on the board), seeing as how I was sick with a strain of virus notorious for relapses, and I hadn't wanted to commit to do anything while I was still running at half-speed and in danger of getting sick again (or passing it on).

So, total word count for the month? Roughly 2000 words.

And a question for all you writers: When you're looking for a writers festival/conference to attend, what are the things that motivate you to go out of your way to attend?


Serena said...

to answer your question...the price is a major factor for me as well as how far I have to travel for the writer's festival or concert. right now, if its not in d.c. area I can't attend.

Julie H. Ferguson said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick - I hope no more relapses.
Dave Doyle wrote a couple of days ago to tell me about the festival. I'm glad you could attend as a proper delegate without driving a presenter around like a mad thing.

Some suggestions about what makes a Canadian writers' conference worthwhile for me:
. more on nonfiction, both article writing and books (they all tend to focus 80% on fiction)
. overview of the current publishing industry, including trends and economics and how they will affect my pitching
. Canadian perspective is important for Canadian writers and often not understood by New York agents and editors
. more Canadian publishers attending.

I could go on but that will do for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hey J -

Well, if I want to attend a writing anything, I need childcare - guess how often that happens -

- but, hey, you got your words in! Well done!

Ali said...

I look for specific workshops that address whatever I'm stumbling through at the moment. Right now I'd go if there was anything about revisions that went beyond basic editing.

Sorry this one didn't give you that spark you usually get. That's a bummer.