Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Complexity Writing Challenge (May)

I made it! Thanks to Laurie Halse Anderson's prompt, I found myself writing a page and a half about a robin egg in a garden. That was 1009 words. Not to mention my other writings of the month--by now, you know I don't keep track of all the word counts.

And because I've never shared, I'll share one paragraph of what I wrote based on that prompt:

L. doubted that even a soul looked as beautiful as that bright blue egg almost crushed by her knee. She took off her glove and picked it up. A piece was missing out of the other side; a little beak peeked through. L. held it egg carefully in her palm, exposing the hole to the sun, willing the beak to keep forcing its way through. With her nail, she picked another little piece off. And another. And another, till she had the dead baby bird half exposed. It could have been out here for days; she wouldn’t have noticed it. But no, the ants would have dismantled it by now, used it to feed their gigantic family.

I feel a little self-conscious about sharing any more; it's been ages since I've even contributed to 100 Words.


Anonymous said...

YAY for you! Nothing like getting back into writing, but then to make such a go of it - brava!

Anonymous said...

you're so brave to share your writing!! lots of good imagery in that little paragraph!

i'm horrible about sharing my 'real' writing--blogging is just 'fun' writing! it took me 9 months to stop editing and tweaking a short piece for a KID'S magazine!! i finally sent it last month.

good job on writing...keep it up!

candace said...


It's wonderful and I admire you for sharing!