Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Argh! A book I would have liked to finish: The O. Henry Prize Stories 2008

A couple weeks ago, hubby & I took a road trip to Nanaimo to see Ezra Levant speak. In preparation for the road trip (which would include ferry rides), I made a trip to the library to get some audiobooks and walked out with two short story collections and a teen book, too. Damosel I finished. The O. Henry Prize Stories 2008, I got halfway through--and I want to finish it. But I can't right now. Severance by Robert Oren Butler didn't even get opened (even though that book is on both hubby's & my Powell's wish lists).

But I've finally been granted permanent residency in Canada, we're buying a house (we looked at about 20 houses), and next month we'll be moving, and life has just been kinda crazy. You know how it gets. We're back to having little paths through the apartment to be able to get from room to room, and I want to start packing NOW.

At least I know the library has these, and as long as no one checks them out and then fails to return them, I know they'll be there. And now that I've had to return them (for some reason--maybe because they were on the "NEW" shelf--I couldn't renew them), I'll go back to reading the ARC's publishers have been kind enough to send.


bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on getting your permanent residency!

Lenore said...

I adore O. Henry and those short story collections.

Powell River Books said...

That's so great about your residency finalizing and the new house on top of it. Sounds like Canada is finally being nice to both of you! - Margy

Dani in NC said...

That happens to me a lot -- checking out more books than life will allow me to read at the moment. I even started a new shelf on my Goodreads account called Abandoned so I can remember if I stopped reading a book because it was bad or because I ran out of time.

(BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!)