Sunday, August 23, 2009

Unforgettable: The Stone Fey by Robin McKinley

I bought The Stone Fey because it was written by Robin McKinley. I'd never heard of it, I had no idea she had written this picture book, but I was very excited to take it home and read it.

The Stone Fey was soooo not what I was expecting. First, it's not a kid's book. (Well, it is labeled as ages 9+.) I think the story and the characters are too complicated for a lot of kids.

The story, as I remember, follows a young woman who meets a stone fey on the mountain, who keeps going back to the mountain to be with the fey. She very nearly gives up everything normal about her life because of her obsessive need to be with him.

I didn't like this book at first, mostly because I wasn't expecting anything like it. But this is the kind of book that settles into your soul and nests there, and every now and then, some aspect of your life will line up unexpectedly with something from this book, and you will feel a kind of enchantment.


Zibilee said...

Very interesting and compelling review! It sounds like I would really enjoy this book. I will have to give it a closer look. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Sounds interesting!

Charlotte said...

I have this one too, and had much the same reaction as you. I ordered it without seeing, wanting more Damar, and was both disappointed that it was a picture book, and impressed by its "not just a picture book for children" quality.