Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

While it took me only a day to read each of the first two books in this series, this third installment took me four. I have two reasons for this:

1) The superfluous dialogue was really driving me crazy and when I got tired all the "Can I ask you a question?" questions, less-than-witty adolescent banter, and unbelievably rapid mood swings, I just had to put the book down.

2) I realized before I started it that there is a fourth installment and I'm going to have to wait until this fall for the fourth. The end of the story is not at the end of this third book.

So there you go; those two very different reactions sum up very well how I feel about the book. I could go on about the characters, but they're not all that different from the first book. Suffice to say, I'll be at the bookstore to pick up the fourth book sometime the week it's released. For now, though, I think I've had my fill of teenage angst.

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