Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Galveston library needs our help

Hi, everyone. Here's another great cause that needs our support.

Cheryl Rainfield's blog today asks for help from books/library lovers everywhere. The Rosenberg library in Galveseton, Texas, was badly damaged in the flood caused by Hurricane Ike, and they're asking for donations to help rebuild. You can donate to the general library fund or to the children's library fund. The Rosenberg Library's blog has just announced the services they've been able to resume, and you can see some pictures of their work.

Everything on the first floor of the library was destroyed with the flood, including the children's section. The library has received many offers to donate books, to which the head of the children's department responds:

I would like to encourage those wanting to help to make a contribution to the Hurricane Ike Library Recovery Fund and allow us to use this donation in the way that would most help the Library. No gift is too small. Patrons wishing to specify their Hurricane Ike donation be restricted to the Children’s Department may ask it be applied to the Children’s Department Recovery Fund.

The Children’s Department, Technical Services, Circulation Department and Operations were located on the 1st Floor and all are gone. Many have contacted me wanting to help rebuild the Children’s collection by donating books. It is gratifying to field requests from as far away as Washington D.C. and as close as right here in Galveston. It is difficult not to accept these gifts, but right now it’s important we approach this catastrophe in a logical, organized manner. We have no shelving for books, no technical services staff to catalog the books, no elevator to move the books, no electrical panel to light the department, etc. We can’t put the cart before the horse, as my grandmother would say.


(read in full)

You can donate to the Rosenberg Library's Hurricane Ike recovery funds through the buttons on their site or by sending a donation to:

Rosenberg Library
2310 Sealy Ave.
Galveston, TX 77550

I suspect you've already got the Rosenberg Library's webpage open and are signing into your Paypal account or getting out your debit/credit card. Book people are great like that.

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