Monday, October 19, 2009

My Read-a-Thon Reading List

Okay, this is still pretty tentative, but in the stack right now:

  • The Heretic's Daughter
  • Practical Magic (because I have to have that re-read by Sunday night--and I still haven't found which box it's in)
  • The Undomestic Goddess (which I'm actually halfway through, but need to have that read for book group next month)
  • Hamlet & Ophelia
  • Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography
  • Wake

And I know I won't get to them all, 'cause I just don't read as fast as I used to (and I won't even try to stay up all 24-hours), but I'm looking forward to seeing how many I can get through! And I'll have a couple more to the side, in case none of those strike me as particularly appealing when it's time to start something new (and I have to make a trip to the library this week, so I'm sure there'll be some library books to consider, too).


bermudaonion said...

Great list! Have fun with the read-a-thon.

Serena said...

Nice list. Good luck!

Ronnica said...

Yay for the Read-a-thon! I haven't heard of most of those titles, but I hope that you enjoy them!

Dana said...

I just added Wake to my TBR list after reading about it on another blog. Looks great. Good luck this weekend!

Cindy said...

Great list, have fun!